Low Tuition Universities in Hungary | Tuition Fees | Cost of Living | How to Apply

Low Tuition Universities in Hungary | Tuition Fees | Cost of Living | How to Apply

Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries of the world, located in the central Europe, northwest of Romania. The country is the home of world heritage sites, second largest lake of the world and Europe’s largest natural grassland.

Hungary is ranked 20th globally (out of 195 countries) on International Living’s Quality of Life index (2010) and 6th in an environmental protection index by GW/CAN. Hungary is a member of the European Union and a Schengen state. Higher education is conducted according to the Bologna System enabling students to transfer from one EU University to the other.

Low Tuition Universities  in Hungary

  • Szeged University.
  • Attila Jozsef University.
  • Avicenna International College.
  • Budapest University of Economic Sciences.
  • Central European University.
  • Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design Kossuth.
  • Lajos University.

Tuition fees 

Compared to the rest of Western Europe, tuition fees in Hungary are very affordable. Tuition fees vary depending on school and program. Often medicine and dentistry are among the more expensive options with tuition fees around €20,000 while other less specialized programs can be as low as €4,500.

In addition to paying tuition fees, students at Hungarian universities are also required to pay an application fee, exam fee and registration fee, each between €100 and €150.

Cost of study and living in Hungary

Cost of living in Hungary is relatively comfortable. It’s estimated at 450 to 500 Euro per month which covers the cost of accommodation, food, textbooks, phone , internet subscription, accommodation etc.

How to apply for university studies in Hungary

Students are able to submit their applications either electronically through the FELVI system or by mailing the documents directly to the higher education institution they are interested in.

In general, you will be required to present or complete the following documents;

  • The filled-in application form, which is available for download at the institution or course website
  • Certificate and transcript from previous studies
  • For some courses, you might also need to present evidence of work experience and even recommendation letters
  • Your CV. 
  • If the language of instruction is English and you are not a native speaker, you will have to present evidence of your knowledge of command of English. Usually, internationally recognized certificates such as the TOEFL or IELTS tests are considered. 

If you have a good level of command of Hungarian, you might prefer to submit your application through the convenient FELVI system instead of submitting your application in paper form to your institution. Through FELVI, you can register your personal data, attach documents on previous studies, select the study program/s you would like to enroll in or even make any payments while the system indicates you of any errors in your application.

Scholarships and funding opportunities

  • Stipendium Hungaricum is part of the Hungarian Government’s “Global Opening Policy”. The Programme is based on effective bilateral educational cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary and the partner’s Ministry responsible for higher education.
  • Erasmus + is the European Union’s program for education, training, youth and sport. It aims to equip European citizens with the education, skills and creativity that they need in a knowledge-based society.
  • Bilateral State Scholarships based on scientific and educational cooperation agreements signed by the governments of two countries.
  • EEA Grants Scholarship program was funded by donor countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenste) to give students, teachers and staff the opportunity to acquire new skills and gain international experience in Hungary.

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